Although I’ve already done a Best of the year post. I didn’t focus on June yet so let’s focus on that today.
Fabian Almazan & Rhizome- Alcanza


From the very beginning the energy and intensity of this record is evident. The Alcanza Suite is the primary focus of this album, however tunes like “La Voz de un Piano” and “La Voz de un Banjo” are not to be ignored. This album is my favorite of the month, and I can’t recommend it enough, it’s utterly beautiful.
Brooklyn Raga Tribute- Coltrane Raga Tribute


Large ensemble music and rearrangments of Coltrane classics, what’s not to love? Tunes like “Central Park West” are done especially well on this record. It’s hard to make songs I’ve heard played hundreds of times sound refreshing and new, but Brooklyn Raga Tribute accomplish this in Coltrane Raga Tribute.
Jack DeJohnette – Hudson 


Another great project by Jack DeJohnette. He has essentially a super group here that works together superbly. I really love Scofield’s playing on tunes such as “Woodstock” and “Wait Until Tomorrow”.
Best of the Rest: 

Ariel Pocock- Living in Twilight 

Denys Baptiste- The Late Trane 
That’s all I have for June. 3 top albums and a couple of honorable mentions. Any June releases you felt were omitted? Send me a comment below or in any of my social media sites. I’ll be sure to listen to all considerations.


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