I did a First Listen of Chris Potter’s Sundiata on my twitter account which can be found here. I always do this on the first Monday each month. After an extra week of accessing the album I’d like to share with you my overall thoughts on Sundiata, but before I do that, here are some screen shots of my live reaction to the album.

Initially I had a very mixed to lukewarm reaction to Sundiata. However, the more I listen to this album, the more I am enjoying a lot of the original music. I’m getting more comfortable with the form of the songs and the melody is clearer to me and having a bigger emotional impact on my listening experience. I still feel this isn’t an absolute must own record or even an essential Chris Potter recording, but it is an enjoyable listen and  I can recommend the album with confidence.

If you haven’t done so already come hang out with me on twitter the first Monday of each month when I live tweet the First Listen Album of the Month. It’s a fun time and challenges me to quickly articulate a feeling I have about an album instantaneously. My twitter handle is @EdwinGarcia88.


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