Sorry for the delay on the Best of February article. I’ve had some personal issues come up that have made it difficult to write this past week. Anyway, I’m back on the grind and pumped to share with you the best albums of February. This past month had a ridiculously strong line up and it was hard to narrow that down to a short list. Somehow I managed to do so and here it is.
Thundercat: Drunk


Okay, I know I’m cheating, but this is clearly album of the month and album of the year and I had the put it on the list. It is hard to define Thundercat’s latest album, but it’s probably not jazz and definitely not straight ahead jazz. Still, this album has many jazz influences and honestly it’s so good I just felt I had to acknowledge it on the blog. It’s a must listen to album regardless. Very weird, but musically it’s just so rich.
Nate Smith: Kinfolk


Kinfolk is a fantastic record from the drummer/ composer Nate Smith. There is rhythmic complexity, wonderful singers, and a rich soulfulness to this album. You’ll find yourself grooving hard to “Skip Step”, singing along to “Disenchantment: The Weight” and connecting to stories told in interludes such as “Mom: Postcards From Detroit/Floyd/Salem”. I hope Nate Smith will be doing a performance near my area very soon as I’d love to hear some of these tunes live.
Mark de Clive-Lowe: Live At the Blue Whale EP

Technically and EP not a full album, but this recording had to be acknowledged. An impressive live recording, fantastic use of electronics, and a multitude of genres influenced and impacted this EP. I love the madness of it all on this record. Just when things feel like they are going a bit too far, a bit too out, you get brought back in. I kept coming back for more on this album, the energy these musicians had was contagious. It resonated with me as a listener and I can’t imagine the impact it had on the live audience.

Best Of The Rest 

Miguel Zenon: Tipico

The Vitral Quartet: Kites Over Havana 

David Weiss & Point of Departure: Wake Up Call

Nicolas Kummert: La Diversite 
As I stated earlier, this month was very strong. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of months some of the “Best Of The Rest” for February move up in the rankings in my mind, or if an album I snubbed become my personal favorite. So as usual comment any albums you thought I missed below or any that you felt should’ve been talked about more. 



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