The Jazz Loop officially turned 4 on Sunday and I’m so thrilled this blog has been running for so long. Writing these posts and interacting with all of you online and in person has truly been a joy. Now as we begin a new year on The Jazz Loop, I’ve made some adjustments to the site.

First is the look. I always make yearly changes to the aesthetics of the website and this year is no exception. Hopefully you find the new look clean and improved. All previous categories are staying and operating as they have in the past year. The only exception is First Listen which should be much more consistent as I will be live tweeting my First Listen of an album on the first Monday of each month. A blog post on the experience and my overall views of the album will be posted shortly after. Follow me on Twitter here to be part of the experience.

Things are always subject to change on the Jazz Loop. I might change the site if I find I find a better theme, a category might be redone if it proves ineffective, and new categories can be introduced. The adjustments made this year are minor, but will hopefully improve the site and improve your experience reading it. Can’t wait to see how this site will grow, and can’t wait to talk to all of you about all things Jazz in 2017.


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