I’ve been on a Brad Mehldau kick lately. I’m not really sure why, but recently I find myself listening to more Mehldau than ever before in my life. So last week I decided to do a First Listen of the Brad Mehldau album Places. I new little to nothing about Places prior to this listening so I was curious to see if this album would be as good as Mehldau’s other works and if I found it enjoyable right away. Here are some tweets about the experience.

Overall I had fun live tweeting Places. Near the end of the album my patience was running low and there was just a tad too much solo piano work. Also, not enough collaboration with the other members of the rhythm section. I felt at times they were just there to accompany Mehldau and their voices were diminished. Still, not one track was bad or even mediocre. Some personal favorites were “Los Angeles (Reprise)”, “A Walk In The Park”, and “West Hartford”.

Since I live tweeted this album I’ve done many listenings  of the record and I must say, it’s grown on me more and more each time. I liked it initially, but with each listening I appreciate it more and more. There isn’t one stand out track that really separates itself from the others just a lot of really good solo piano and trio music.

I recommend checking out Places it’s a fun record. If possible buy the physical copy. The liner notes are filled with insight into every track it’s not just credits information. The liner notes here really do increase your knowledge and enhance your experience.


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