Earlier this week I did a First Listen of the album Jaco Pastorius Big Band Word of Mouth Revisited. I’ve never listens to this album before so I live tweeted the experience and placed these tweets below.      





I went into the album with little to no knowledge of what this albums was about. The album is essentially a homage to Jaco Pastorius as the project was recorded post humously using several different bassists and some Jaco arrangements. The album has some really bright spots such as “Havona”, “Teen Town”, and “Punk Jazz Revisited”. “Havona” and “Teen Town” captured the energy of those Weather Report tunes and put these pieces in a big band setting very nicely. The bass playing was also superb. “Punk Jazz Revisited” was fantastically arranged by Marcus Miller and, in my opinion, turned out much better than the original. The liner notes and in depth comments on each piece makes owning the physical copy an added treat. 

Still, despite all this album did right there are somethings I’m not a fan of. The “Jaco Speaks” interludes are distracting, unnecessary, and bordering on tasteless. Your using someone’s voice after there death and making it sound like he’s commenting on the tracks. It just doesn’t sit with me well and makes me wonder if it should even be done. Tracks like “Punk Jazz” and “Barbary Coast” were fairly weak and this album would’ve been much more enjoyable if you just got rid of those tracks completely. 

Overall, I throughly enjoyed listening to this album and will absolutely go back to it again. However, I can’t flat out recommend it to everyone. I think this albums will resonate better with Jaco fans and big band enthusiasts. As long as your expectation is just a nice enjoyable album and you’re not going in thinking you’re going to hear seminal work, you should be fine.  

Also, moving forward, I will be doing First Listens every 1st Monday of the month. So keep an eye out for that and follow me on twitter @EdwinGarcia88 if you’d like to be apart of that experience.  


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