With the anniversary of this blog a couple months away and nearing my 100th blog, I’m getting a bit sentimental. Writing this blog has become a joy in my life and I’m so grateful to all of you who’ve ever read it. But before we get all mushy and teary eyed I thought we could look at a couple bloopers I’ve had since writing The Jazz Loop. So without further to do here are a couple blogs I got wrong.
Jazz Loop Updated:
I do a Jazz Loop Update nearly every year. Year by year I make adjustments to this blog whether it’s a background change or a new category. Last year I made some dramatic changes to this website which I addressed on the blog post JAZZ LOOP UPDATED. One of my errors was creating the Category CHICAGO JAZZ ARTISTS SPOTLIGHT. It’s not that the category was a bad idea, it’s just that month after month I ignored the category. We are now entering the final
Month of the year and I have 0 blog post on this category. One of the issues is since I am a Jazz musician in Chicago I feel like I have a bias to essentially every musician here. Haven’t figure out a solution on how to use this category without it just feeling like a promotional tool. If I don’t figure it out by the end of the year it will be taken down for 2017.

Save the CD
I really dropped the ball on this one. I have awful lines here such as “Streaming music as your primary way of listening to music will have dangerous consequences” and “This decline in album releases will result in a stunting of creativity in then jazz community.” On the first quote I no longer agree with. Yes, I understand the consequences of streaming, but saying it has “dangerous consequences” is dramatic and I provide no evidence. Speaking of no evidence “decline in album releases”  has no evidence whatsoever. I just make up these theories and don’t back it up with actual data. For the record I still want to “Save the CD”, but I’m not as anti-streaming now as I was then and I didn’t make a compelling argument for the CD on this. post.

Thankfully I’m pretty happy with the vast majority of my blogs. Still, it’s good to criticizes yourself, try to get better, and even laugh at your past mistakes. I had a blast writing this one, but hopefully I won’t have to write another blog like this one anytime soon. What are your thoughts? Any blog posts from the past you think deserved to be here? Place the comments below.


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