This past week I listened to Charlie Haden Quartet Haunted Heart and did a live tweet of my first listening of the album on my Twitter @edwin…  Here are a few of my tweets of the experience.








Now that I’ve listened to the album a couple of times since then I feel like I have a better grasp as to how I feel about the album. The albums highlights are quite extraordinary. I loved “Hello My Lovely”, “Dance of the Infidels” and “Lennie’s Pennies” These tunes were swinging, high energy, and had great solos. The album also ends on a high note with the tune”Deep Song” which had the inclusion of Billie Holiday. To me there isn’t one standout track, this album has a handful of tunes that are of the highest quality and any of them would be a standout track on most albums.

Still, I do have a few complaints. For one, too many songs are a bit too slow paced for my liking. Ballads can be used to give balance to a high paced album, but in this instance, it’s a bit much. These slower paced songs tend to just interrupt the flow of the album and make it drag. Had a few of these tunes been eliminated it would have made listening to the entire album from front to back a more enjoyable experience.

Overall I did enjoy the album, but some of the filler tracks did get in the way. I can recommend this album as a fun listen, but I wouldn’t say this is a jazz classic. If you are a fan of Charlie Hunter, this might be worth checking out, but this is by no means a must own.


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