With June completely done it’s  time to recap the best albums of this month. June had an abundance of quality releases and I found it hard to decide which album was my favorite for this month, I’m still not 100 percent sure to be honest, but regardless you can’t go wrong with any of these albums.

Marquis Hill – The Way We Play
A 2014  Thelonious Monk Competition winner, Marquis Hills has been blowing up nationally. Of course, here in my hometown Chicago Illinois, we’ve known about Marquis Hill for quiet some time. I’m glad he’s finally beginning to get the recognition he deserves. This album is more in the “traditional” side then his previous release “Modern Flows EP Vol. 1”, but it should be a great introduction for those unfamiliar with his music. Pick it up if you haven’t done so already.

The Pedrito Martinez Group- Habana Dreams
This recent release from the Cuban based Latin Jazz group was a delight. Loved the music, loves the features from other members of the Jazz community such as the opening track featuring Wynton Marsalis, and with only 9 tracks, the album doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. The opening track “Mi Tempestad” is a key track to listen to if you’re on the fence about buying this album.

Brad Mehldau Trio- Blues and Ballads

Honestly, I’m. It a huge fan of Brad Mehldau. I’ve heard a few tracks here and there but it never really made me want to listen to more. This album kept me captivated throughout and I feel it’s the best Jazz album released in June. I’m amazed at the emotion that was displayed on the ballads. They never felt boring and I never lost focus, which can happen in ballads as they tend to be played at a slower tempo for a long period of time. It’s unreal to me that by putting his trio in a box of ballads and Blues tunes an album could be created that’s so rich and refreshing. Highly recommend this regardless of your feeling about Brad Mehldau, piano trios, or even Jazz.

This concludes my favorite albums for the month of June. Be on the lookout for other blog posts this week as well as a special blog post about the best album of the year so far. Until next time, Thank you for stating in the Jazz Loop.


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