I found the month of May to be a bit weak when it came to quality of albums I enjoyed, but I was still able to find a couple gems in this month. There was not much “traditional” Jazz that I found worthwhile this month, but I did get some gems from Pat Metheny, Gregory Porter, and Jack Dejohnette. So without further ado, here are my favorite release from the month of May.

Cuong Vu Trio Meets Path Metheny
This album is absolutely more out there than most things I listen to, but this collaboration with Cuong Vu trio and Pat Metheny is a worthwhile listen.  One highlight for me on this album was “Seeds of Doubt” great composition and a beautiful solo by Metheny

Gregory Porter- Take Me To The Alley
Gregory Porter is a jazz vocalist with a lot of soul, gospel and blues influence. This is another solid album from an artists whose discography continues to impress the traditional jazz community as well as the casual music aficionado. Saw Gregory Porter live a couple years back at the CSO. It was a memorable experience. I highly recommend seeing him live and I recommend picking up his latest album as well as his previous works.

Jack DeJohnette- In Movement
Jack DeJohnette’s trio is nothing short of monstrous. With Ravi Coltrane on sax and Matthew Garrison on bass there is nothing this trio will not attempt and nothing this trio cannot accomplish. Standout tracks for me are “Alabama” and “Blue in Green”. I can’t recommend this album enough and I feel it was the best jazz album released in the month of May.


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