My favorite way to enjoy music is live. Despite all the amazing advancements in technology, nothing has been able to replicate or replace live music. Still, with all the different ways we can consume music I’d like to talk today about enjoying music on Youtube. Overall when it comes to Youtube I use it to enjoy video recordings of live performances. Thanks to the Internet we have more accessibility to the entire world so I use YouTube to connect me to areas of the world I would otherwise be unable to experience. So without further to do here are some of my favorite channels I’m subscribed to.

NPR Music
NPR has some amazing programs and podcasts. My favorite series of live performances on NPR Music Is Tiny Desk. NPR’s Tiny Desk has a wide array of live performances from hip hop, classical, world music, and everything in between. You can enjoy these performances on their YouTube channel as well as their own website. Links are provided below.
Paris Guitar Foundation
This channel is excellent. It mainly covers classical music and the channel is shot primarily in Paris. I love the performances and even the behind the selected videos. Channel is great and they have recently created a free app as well.

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra is one of my favorite orchestras around. Their YouTube channel and live webcasts are excellent and really set them apart from other orchestras in not just America, but around the world. Whenever I can I try to catch the webcasts live, but whenever I miss a performance I check out their YouTube channel or their website and scroll through their archives.

Jazz at the Lincoln Center
Being a Jazz musician and never visiting New York I can’t help but wonder what I’m missing. Watching videos of big band performances from the Lincoln Center helps me peak into the New York scene until I’m able to visit myself.

For those of you who haven’t really browsed through the millions of amazing videos available on YouTube I hope these channels can be a resource you can use to inspire you to explore this media. Besides these channels one of the best (and worst) aspects of YouTube is getting lost watching video after video. So I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my favorite random YouTube videos.

Overall I love YouTube and thinks it’s a fantastic site that lets us explore and share music performances. I highly recommend you find videos and channels that interest you on YouTube. I’m not a fan of listening to full albums on YouTube however, as there are some issues I have with payment and who actually authorizes these albums being on YouTube, but that’s a story for another day.


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