I’m currently finishing up the final weeks of my undergrad so it’s been a bit harder to keep up with all the new releases this month.  Still, despite this, I’ve found some very solid releases from the month of April. Here are my selections for the best jazz releases in April.
Snarky Puppy – Culcha Vulcha

I love this group they are one of the hardest working bands out there consistently releasing new content. A breath of fresh and air and a strong representation of where jazz is heading. This album which was released in late April is another solid release for Snarky Puppy. Not their strongest release,but a solid album all around.

Hiromi- Spark  

My favorite album this month, with Sonny Rollins’ HOLDING THE STAGE (ROAD SHOWS VOL. 4) coming in at a close second. The energy, complexity, compositions, and solos make this album a must own for all jazz aficionados out there. I cannot recommend this album enough. If you don’t have any albums by Hiromi please start with this one.

Bill Charlap Trio– Notes From New York

This is a more traditional album compared to the other Best of releases. This is a classic piano trio instrumentation and Charlap plays magnificently throughout this recording. One of my favorite tracks on here is “There is no music” a breathtaking ballad from this New York pianist.
Sonny Rollins– Holding The Stage (Road Shows Vol4)

This live album exemplifies everything that makes Sonny Rollins great. The quartet is playing at a high level and with high energy. Piano solo on “Keep Hold of Yourself” and Sonny Rollins’ solo on “Sweet Leilani” are just a few of the many highlights on this album. I was a bit reluctant to listen to this, but I’m glad I did. Even at his age Sonny Rollins still has a lot to say and shows no signs of stopping.


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