Best Of February
This is the first installment of the “Best Of” series and it’s been a joy listening to all this new music and figuring out what was worth noting. For this first installment I’ve added an older entries from the past couple months. This will not be a trend in the upcoming months as I will keep the “Best of”  series to only things that have been released within the month.

This album came out with in late September of last year, but I find myself continuing to go back to it. Really enjoy the arrangements, especially the interplay that happens on tracks like “Moving Upwards.”

ARNAN RAZ: Second To The Left
This album came out this month and is my favorite album that was released this February. Great compositions here, I highly recommend it.

Avishai Cohen: Into the Silence
Another February release and this album is one I haven’t really listened to a lot, but I  enjoyed what I’ve heard. Hope to dig into this a bit more this week. Still, despite the few listening I have with this I feel comfortable recommending this one.

That includes this installment of “Best Of” for the month of February. What albums have you enjoyed listening to so far in 2016? Place a comment below and let me know.


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