The Jazz Loop is now 3 years old. It’s been an amazing experience operating this blog. I’ve enjoyed the conversations we’ve had and the contributions this blog has made to the Jazz community. To commemorate this anniversary I’ve made some cosmetic changes to the website. Hopefully you like the new look. I’ve also altered how we will do things going further. I’ve updated the category section and will explain the changes happening below.




Best Of:

Although I listen to a lot of jazz, I’ve felt like I haven’t done the best job listening to what’s coming out on a month to month basis. So now I will be doing a “Best Of” blog post each month where I will share the best albums I’ve heard that came out that month. This will keep both of us in the know with what’s happening in the Jazz world on a month to month basis.


First Impressions:

Again, despite listening to a lot of Jazz I’ve overlooked a lot of the classics. With “First Impressions” I will live tweet while I listen to a jazz album for the first time. I will also do a blog post going further into my initial thoughts on the album later that same week.



Album Reviews:

Album Reviews will continue to occur here on The Jazz Loop however it will now only be one or two albums a month. I feel like in the past year or so there was bit too many posts on album reviews and little on anything else so by cutting back on album reviews it should open up some posts for the other categories.


Chicago Jazz Artists Spotlight:

I really enjoyed writing the posts on Chicago artists. I think it’s important to start local and be involved in the Jazz community near you. However, with all the other categories (and how much work is involved in these posts) I feel it’s better if I only focus on Chicago Jazz. Artists a bit more sporadically. For now I will do a post every other month on a Chicago artist. I will also review a notable album from the artist that same month.



All other content will be labeled here. Thoughts on a new jazz club, gigging tips, or just complaints I have on the industry. Anything not related to one of the aforementioned categories will be labeled here.


All these changes are being made in an effort to make this blog the best it possibly can be. Hopeful the changes made will make this a must read blog for you in 2016.  Until next time. Cheers.


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