Now that 2016 is well underway I’d like to take this time to reflect on 2015. My 2015 was very much an up and down year. As Charles Dickens would say “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. Some of my proudest achievements in my career happened this year. Some of my lowest moments as a person also occurred this year which was unfortunate. So before we move on to 2016 let’s review the highs and lows of 2015.


2015 was fantastic  for me as a musician. I had more gigs than ever before and I earned enough money as a musician and a teacher that I got to quit my 9-5 job. I planned on quitting this job at the latest by this spring so being a year ahead of schedule is amazing. I’m very proud of this achievement and it feels great to be fully focused on my music without some meaningless job getting in the way of my craft.  I also practiced more than ever before (hour wise) so although it’s a purely numeric goal this was also a great positive. The Jazz Loop was kind of in the middle as the views were better than year one, but not as good as year two. There was more interaction from the readers as comments rose to an all time high. I’m very happy about this since my main reason for writing these posts is to start a conversation with the jazz community. On the negative side blog posts were down especially in the later months. This was largely due to my illness which brings us to  the bad from 2015.



2015 was horrible health wise. In late October I got a bacterial infection which greatly damaged my well being. I had to be taken to the hospital, miss a couple days of school, and really never was normal for the rest of the year. It was very difficult to do any tasks. I was constantly in pain, constantly throwing up, always feeling weak, and my mood was far from great. Some days getting out of bed and just going to class was a huge task. It got to the point where I nearly withdrew from my University. I just didn’t feel like I was doing a good job, I didn’t feel like I could continue on, my work was suffering, my health was suffering, and whenever I thought I was turning a corner I had a setback. Luckily I was able to crawl through the semester and finished with a decent GPA. If it wasn’t for my family and friends I have no idea if I would’ve been able to make it through those last few months of 2015. I owe them tremendously for their love and support. I feel better now, but I still have to have regular doctor’s appointments and monitor how I’m doing. Hopefully the worst of this is done and I can have a healthy 2016.

Looking Ahead

I’m excited and optimistic for the new year. All I ask for is good health and I can take care of the rest. This year I am in my final year of college so I’m excited about ending my undergraduate years and continuing my musical career. The Jazz Loop is also something I’m very excited about as it turns 3 years old in under two weeks. To celebrate this I plan on making some cosmetic changes to the website and some content changes as well. I have some new ideas that I believe will make this website even more enjoyable to read and I’m excited about sharing them with you on the 3 year anniversary later on this month. So let’s start 2016 with a good positive attitude, optimistic about what lies ahead. I know I will.


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