I mentioned in a blog post late last year that I wanted to get more Chicago centric on this blog. After all my slogan is “All things Jazz in Chicago” and I live, study, and play here so my blog should reflect that. So I’ve decide to start that right now with the first ever “Chicago Artist of the month”. 

This will be a monthly look at a jazz artist who is a Chicago resident and or native who I feel is important to the scene and a must listen to musician. I will also dedicat one of my jazz albm review this month to one of their albums. That way not only will you get a bio of the artist, but some content as well. So let’s begin with the very first “Chicago Artist of the month” Ari Brown.

Ari Brown is a Jazz saxophonist here in Chicago and has been in the scene since the 60s. He’s collaborated with musicians such as Jack DeJohnette, McCoy Tyner, and Sonny Stitt to name a few. He joined the AACM in 1971, and joined Kahlil El Zabar’s trio in 1989.

Ari Brown is still performing throught the Chicagoland area and beyond. He had an amazing performance of John Coltrane’s music last summer at the DuSable Museum of African American History. He is currently a faculty member at UIC (which is the school I attend). However, I did not pick Ari Brown because he teaches at my college ( don’t have a relationship with him to my knowledge he just gives sax lessons) I picked him because he has been a Chicago staple for decades. Below I posted a link of him playing. Enjoy the tune and look out for his Album Review later on this month.


2 thoughts on “Chicago Artist of the Month: Ari Brown 

  1. Well done to put focus on your home town! I think it makes a lot of sense to look at “one’s backyard” and not only out to the far. My town is too small to give enough for a blog, so I extended to my country, but the idea is the same.

    Thanks for sharing!

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