As the calendar year draws to an end. Things have been as hectic as ever not only on this blog, but in my life as Jazz musician. So today, I’d like to update you on some of the changes that have occurred and will occur going further on The Jazz Loop.

First, let’s begin with the musician side. I didn’t accomplish all the goals I set for myself this year musically speaking, but I did gig more than ever, had my second highest number of hours practicing ever, and attended more live shows than ever before. I’m getting more and more comfortable with my Jazz Studies program at UIC so overall things are good. The only downside to this is that it has caused me to slack a bit on this blog. That’s something that will change in 2015. This blog is just as important of an element in my musicianship and I will ensure that I treat it as so.

The Jazz Loop You Love

While some things will change some things will stay the same. My weekly album reviews will continue and the quality will continue to be at the level you enjoy. Also there will continue to be a bimonthly blog regarding different jazz thoughts/ issues on my mind. When these six blog posts are occurring each and every month consistently, I feel that is when this blog is at it’s strongest and best.

A New Kind Of Jazz Loop 

While many things will stay the same there will be some changes. One thing that is changing is there will be a new layout for The Jazz Loop. This will update the site and keep it fresh and new starting in 2015. Another change is that I have begun hosting a Jazz Radio show on Tuesdays from 8-10 pm on UIC Radio. This is an exciting new development and I can’t wait for all of you to tune in and enjoy listening to Jazz with me. First show of the new year begins January 13th. The link is located below. Be sure to click the link and click “Listen Live” from 8-10 Tuesdays starting on January 13th.

This blog is titled “All things Jazz in Chicago”. I feel this past year I have not been true to that title. This upcoming year I will focus more on the Chicago Jazz scene. More blogs on venues and shows happening in the city, local artists, and album reviews from Chicagoans. I will give you an insiders perspective to the Chicago Jazz scene. All my work, love, and passion for this music will be exemplified on this blog and you will be along for the ride.

So once again, Thank You for being a part of The Jazz Loop. You guys impact my life in more ways than you can imagine and together we will strengthen and grow this Jazz community in Chicago and beyond. So once the New Year begins stay tuned for a revamping of the website, The Jazz Loop’s first Radio show of 2015 on January 13th, and a more Chicago centric blog.  Thank you for a wonderful 2014 and see you in 2015.



One thought on “The Jazz Loop Update

  1. All the best for 2015! I hope you will achieve your goals and I am looking forward to reading your reviews. Unfortunately, I will not be able to listen to your radio show due to time differences unless it is available as podcast?

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