Today I want to talk about an issue that’s been on mind for quite some time. Today I want to talk about going to college and working a job at the same time. This is an important issue for all college students in America. We, as a nation, have just came out of a recession. The results of this recession can still be felt. So while most college students (hopefully) are aware of the importance and necessity of a college degree. For many, money, is still tight. So to combat tough economic times many college students today pick up a shift at your local evil clown burger empire, or for a faux Italian coffee chain. I myself, work on weekends and pick up a weekday shift to keep myself afloat. Even though my job currently has little to nothing to do with my career I wake up early every weekend and put in my necessary hours. So while most colleges have already begun classes this thought will come to many student’s mind’s “Should I get a job?”  My answer is short and simple. NO.

Before you come at me with your pitchforks and rocks yelling “Hypocrite!” let me explain. I understand a need for money. For many students, especially non- traditional students, myself included, work is not an option, but a necessity. ComEd doesn’t care about my career, my goals, or my dreams. Same goes for my landlord. Sure we exchange pleasantries now, but a couple of late payments and he’ll stop mowing the lawn, and start knocking on my door. Still, for many students, that this is not the case. They live with parents, or have a dorm, and don’t have monthly payments like rent and utilities. When these students are debating about work I just get so perplexed. Why would anyone who didn’t have to do this soul sucking job do it? I got a short answer for that as well. Greed and Capitalism.

Ah Capitalism, thanks to it we have become a world power, but also thanks to it we buy things we don’t need and have become a greedy, selfish, materialistic society. Thanks to this greedy money-driven mentality everyone is looking to consume as much as possible. Now when it comes to working and attending school I can hear the opposing argument. Who am I to say that you can’t or shouldn’t try to make as much money as you can? I don’t know your situation, how broke you are, frankly,it’s none of my business right? If you want to juggle both school and work, if you can handle it, why should I say otherwise?

Well, before you report me to the government as a hippie, freedom hating, left winger. Allow me to defend myself. I’m speaking out about this issue because I care. This college education you are getting is expensive. On average most college graduates owe 30,000 dollars in student loans. That’s a lot of money. Is it worth it diluting the value of your education for an extra 100 dollars a week? Is getting an extra 100 bucks worth not getting the full value of what you are in debt for? One thing I do know about most American is we don’t like getting ripped off, and earning 100 now and paying 30,000 for the next ten years seems like a rip off to me.

Overall I just want everyone to get the most out of their education. It’s four years of college where hopefully you get to learn about the subjects you are most interested in. As a non-traditional student I know what’s out there in the “real world” without a college education and trust me, that’s a world you don’t want to be in. So as long as you can, don’t flip burgers for that sadistic clown. You don’t have to, it’s not worth it, read your textbooks instead, lord knows they were expensive. Of course if you have to work, hey it’s okay just work as little as possible. Find a job that will accommodate with your schools schedule. Don’t compromise on this. School first! Unless you plan on serving faux italian drinks that contain more milk and sugar than coffee for the rest of your life don’t let them dictate what’s important in your life. I’ve seen far to many friends sacrificing class work just to make a couple dollars. Also this doesn’t really apply for work-study. Usually those jobs are minimal hour wise and are generous with grants and have financial aid implications so I say these are usually okay.

Well those are my thoughts on working and going to college. Hopefully no one feels hurt or offended I just spoke from the heart and hope people think twice before they get that mundane minimum wage job. We all have different situations and I hope no one feels offended by what I said. I just want everyone to understand and appreciate their worth and that time is in fact money. Don’t waste yours for a minimal return. Disagree? Please comment below. I’d love to have a conversation with everyone about these issues. If we don’t talk about these issues how can we grow? Thanks for reading and I promise more Jazz later on this week.


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