When summer begins seems to have no definitive answer. Of course the scientific answer is the Summer Solstice. Yet many shrug when that day arrives. Mainly because in their mind summer has already been here by that time. Some say summer begins when it gets warm enough to put away your jackets and coats. Others say it begins when school is officially out. In any case, as I write this we are in the second week of July. The coats are buried away, the Solstice has passed, school is done. Safe to say, summer is here.

Ah summer, we look forward and plan for you during those frigid December days, and anticipate your arrival during the subsequent months. As the snow thaws, the temperature warms, and the calendar progresses, our anticipation increases. All the things we will do! The vacations we will take, the concerts we will attend, and the food we will eat. Or maybe we will just head to the beach, pop open a beverage and watch the day go by. After all we deserve it. All those days scraping the snow off our windshields, those cold days just waiting for the bus to show up for that AM class, we deserve some R&R, we earned this.

For the musicians, summer is a little different. Yes we will do many of those things, but we still have to practice, rehearse, listen, and compose. Unlike other professions, or other students. Music never stops. If we take too much time off we will lose a step. We will lose what makes us creative what makes us better than your average bro strumming an acoustic guitar at a party. In fact, summer is a great time to put in more work. We have time off from work, time off from school. Take advantage of your time off and good weather and put in the work, do the things musically you haven’t had time to do. That way when the fall comes you have improved by leaps and bounds.

I’m not saying don’t enjoy your summer. Take that vacation, get out as much as you can, do all those things you’ve been waiting to do. Here in Chicago, free time and good weather are a rare combination so make use of that time wisely. But everything has it’s place and time. And at the end of the day you are what you do. So while you should take time to enjoy the summer don’t forget to work on your goals on a daily basis. Writes write, chef’s cook, musicians play. As a musician it never stops. So enjoy the summer. And lets get back to work.



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