Two days ago on January 29th The Jazz Loop turned 1. Wow what a year it has been. To be honest I can’t fully remember why I started this blog. I suppose it was because I have a lot to say about this music I love and I feel I should use every medium at my disposal to do so.  Also I think of myself as a diverse person and I realized that although I found joy in writing, most of my writing was only for school. So this blog was a way to change that. So this blog was born on January 29th and thanks to all of you it is alive and well. The response I got was very encouraging from friends, family members, and jazz aficionados.  I can’t thank you guys enough. I know it’s cheesy to say that, but people who know me understand that my remarks are genuine. So, I will try to be brief, but let’s talk about what happened on The Jazz Loop this year.

I didn’t have many expectations when I began blogging. I just wrote my first post and kept it going from there. I remember on my first post how proud I felt after writing it.  How proud I was to have my writing there for all to see, having my family read it, seeing it on my mobile device like any other article I read. I didn’t expect to be so excited about the fact that this little blog now existed for the world to see, but I was. I accomplished something that day. I talked about writing for myself, starting up a Jazz blog, and I did it.

There were other surprises as the year progressed. One surprise was the blog was appreciated over seas just about as much as it was here in The States. I don’t have the numbers in front of me but it was around 60% U.S. 40% foreign. It was just cool to have so much love from the UK and France, Italy, etc. Another surprise was the response the blog got on Twitter and Facebook. It really helped my views and was a good way to talk to others about the posts that were just put up. My amount of posts even surprised myself. I originally wanted to do two a month, but once I started to do album reviews I got as many as six posts a month during the summer. This really helped my views and the blog really grew after the first six months.

So what now? Well the blog will definitely keep going. Still, I wonder for how long? Will I be doing blog posts on The Jazz Loop  for the rest of my life? I’m not sure about it continuing for my entire life, but so far I see no reason to stop. The Jazz Loop is doing very well. This month alone I’ve gotten more traffic than last year’s first six months combined! So who knows what will become of The Jazz Loop. For now I think it’s cool and its growing. Who knows maybe there will be elements of video, interviews, or even radio. The Jazz Loop has no expectations, no boundaries, no limits. So come along for the ride. New posts and album reviews are on the way. And, as always, Thank you for staying in The Jazz Loop


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