I have done all I can to ensure you are not subjected to meaningless ads. (The mobile version of WordPress puts ads on the bottom of my posts and, at this time, I can’t do anything about it).  I just want this blog to promote Jazz, I want it to have authenticity, and integrity. I’m not saying that I will never have ads or try to earn revenue (I do need to survive after all) ,but at this point I just want The Jazz Loop to grow with quality and not finances in mind. That being said I would like to, for the first time, promote something on my blog, The Jazz Sessions.

The Jazz Sessions was a podcast that ran from 2007-2012 totaling 417 episodes. The goal of the podcast was simple, answering the question of why musicians do what they do. Jason Crane, the creator of The Jazz session interviewed hundreds of Jazz musicians to find the answer to this question. His guests included Ron Carter, Robert Glasper, John Abercrombie, Marian Schneider, and Sonny Rollins among others. The Jazz Session podcast was not only informative, but original and entertaining. I learned so much from: firsthand accounts on getting into the Jazz scene, what keeps musicians going,  and new exciting artists breaking into the scene. My last example really represents what I want to do with my blog. Jazz music does not belong locked away behind a museum it needs to be explored and shared with the entire population. And ,for 5 years and 400 plus episodes, The Jazz Sessions accomplished this.

Now The Jazz Sessions wants your help. Jason Crane wants to bring back The Jazz Sessions and bring back in-depth interviews, audio clips from the musicians, and potential album recommendations and book reviews.  However, to bring back The Jazz Sessions, Jason Crane needs 6,000 dollars to fund the 12 shows that will be aired throughout the year. This may seem like a lot of money,but according to Jason Crane:

“The money raised in this campaign will send me to New York for a week to conduct the interviews, and it will help pay for the production costs and the server space for the show. That server space alone is getting very expensive, given the show’s 2.5 million downloads (and counting).”

So as you can see the money is needed and will be put to good use. The campaign is up on Kickstarter and it only has a few days left to reach it’s 6,000 dollar goal.

Please donate what you can and support The Jazz Sessions, it has different levels of perks depending on how much money you can donate. You can donate as little as a dollar and every dollar counts in these final days of the Kickstarter.  Please give whatever you can these podcasts are of high quality and I can’t wait to see what Jason Crane has in store for us. So if you love music, love Jazz and want to support a quality product, donate to The Jazz Sessions. Let’s bring The Jazz Sessions back and enjoy quality podcasts about the music we all love. As I write this post The Jazz Sessions needs less then 800 dollars to be fully funded, but only 5 days left. Let’s give The Jazz Sessions a boost in these final days to ensure the Kickstarter is a success. I have posted a link below on the Kickstarter page, please donate what you can, and thank you for your time. And, as always, Thank You for staying in The Jazz Loop.



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