For some time I’ve been pondering writing weekly Jazz album reviews for this blog. After much thought I’ve decided that it is worth the extra work to add weekly album reviews to The Jazz Loop. Why you ask? I feel reviewing Jazz music is disregarded by most listeners and I want to change the perception that music does not need to be discussed it needs to be listened. Of course listening to music is the most vital aspect, but we should not limit ourselves to one way of appreciating and evaluating Jazz. I have other reasons for doing these weekly album reviews, some reasons are self centered and others are more for the Jazz community either way here they are.

Reviewing these albums will make me more attentive when listening to my albums. Us as listeners tend to listen to music passively which can cause us to miss a lot of what is going on. You wouldn’t go to an art exhibit and just walk past all the paintings you would miss everything. Music is a lot like this, it’s okay to listen to music while driving, eating, or talking with friends, but to truly appreciate and learn from Jazz we need to fully delve into the music and that requires a bit of concentration. By reviewing these albums it will force myself to do this it will force me to become a better listener and, in turn, a better musician. Also by doing these album reviews I will go back and listen to albums I haven’t listened to in a while and listen to them again. Listening to an album you haven’t heard in a while is like meeting an old friend. It’s been a while, but you pick up right where you left off. Rekindling with past favorites, paying more attention to new albums, becoming a better musician, more blog posts, what’s not to like?

Most album reviews suck. A little history on the artist,what they have done recently, couple key tracks, and done. Too often they rarely give you solid reasons as to why they gave the album a low or high review. Just generalizations like great tracks, bold and daring, consistent throughout. What is this really telling us about the music? You guys deserve better. I will provide a more tangible reason as to why these albums are good or not to my liking and I will not just say the solos are energetic. I will give you guys examples and hopefully start a conversation about the music. I have said before I want to make Jazz more accessible and by having weekly albums I can give others a better understanding of this thing we call Jazz. I don’t want Jazz to be a private club, this music is for everyone and by giving others a better understanding as to why I love these albums hopefully they will also enjoy this music.

So there you have it, starting next week The Jazz Loop will have weekly album reviews. Hopefully these review will add to a better understanding and appreciation of Jazz music. The reviews will be in-depth, to the point, and will not have a star rating. I will be reviewing a lot of classic albums and a star rating to me is silly. I mean what can I rate Kind Of Blue? My point of this is to give others a better understanding, a better comprehension, a better appreciation for the music. So, with that being said, check out the Jazz Loop next week. As I will begin, by reviewing Kind Of Blue.


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