On my last blog post I discussed my path to attending the University of Illinois at Chicago. Today I would like to take a look back at my final day at Harold Washington College. The days prior to my final day at HWC were very odd. With a combination of contacting UIC about financial aid, orientation, and placement exams while simultaneously preparing for Final exams and juries at HWC. This made me feel like something of a lame duck. Part of me had tasks that need to get started at my new school while part of me had to tasks that needed to be finalized at the old one. I think most of the students transferring felt the same way. Excited for the challenge ahead, while saying goodbye to longtime friends in between Biology exams.

My exit from HWC was one of the most anticlimactic experiences in my life. After turning in my final theory assignment and completing my aural skills exam I was done for the day. My three years at HWC had finally come to an end. There were no cheers or applauses, we didn’t run out of the classroom in glee discussing what are plans for the summer would be, we just left. As I began to leave it finally sunk in that this was the end. I thought about all the growth and development I’ve had throughout the years and the thought of not returning anytime soon overwhelmed me. Do you ever recall a certain moment from your past and think Wow that was a special day? In that moment, walking down the escalator, I realized how special this moment was. So I put away my ipod so I could take in the moment. As I walked past the security guard one last time, I took a deep breath, and closed the door behind me.


The walk from Harold Washington College to Clark and Lake is always beautiful to me. I’ve always been a person who pays attention to detail and the architecture found on this walk (and really all of downtown Chicago) is something I think everyone should experience at least once in their life. But on that final day there was a degree of melancholy to viewing these buildings. It was as if I was losing them and I had to stare at every arch, savor every brick, and soak in that fine mix of pollution and the Chicago River one last time.  My walk concluded at the Thompson Center a cool blue, light pink, architectural gem, located in the heart of downtown Chicago. On my first day at HWC I remembered entering the Thompson Center and thinking wow this building is gorgeous! The color, the symmetry, the design, how awesome is it that I’ll be here everyday form now on. Now three years later I’m saying so long. Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, sure I will be here again, but not on a daily basis, and not with the people who made this place special. So I bid you farewell Harold Washington College this was our last dance and it was a wonderful waltz.

Now my final journey at UIC begins and I’m ecstatic about this new beginning. And, as always, I will be posting all things Jazz happening in my life, on campus, and throughout the city. What successes and failures will I experience at 1040 W. Harrison Street? I’m not sure yet, but I’m excited about this opportunity as I continue my journey int the Jazz world. 



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